Mistakes To Avoid While Booking A Vacation Rental

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The concept of a vacation rental is flattering. You can find a home away from home and stay there during your vacation. A vacation rental can be a holiday apartment, an independent house, or a villa. You can choose the best kind of accommodation according to your budget and enjoy a comfortable stay.

Today, many agencies and independent hosts are providing facilities for vacation rental. You can book comfortable accommodation with a single click by exploring the options on the internet. But instead of choosing the vacation rentals randomly, we advise you to plan wisely and then click the ‘book’ button.

Here are the common mistakes to avoid while selecting a vacation rental for your vacation:

Do not judge the place by photos alone:

Never judge a book by its cover. Likewise, never judge a vacation rental only by its photos. The photos are taken from different angles only to make a particular place look more attractive and fascinating. Furthermore, the photographer uses much filtering and editing so that the results look flawless. What you see on screen may not be what the holiday home looks like.

Do not get carried away by the good-looking pictures. Research the vacation rental property by checking the reviews of their previous customers. The feedback of the customers gives you a real insight into the accommodation. You can also raise questions if any.

Not inquiring about the location:

It is essential to check the location of the vacation rental that you are planning to stay in during your holiday. Imagine booking accommodation and then finding out it is located in a remote location!

To avoid this situation, always check whereof the holiday home that you are booking is, and what’s around it. Ensure that the location is accessible. You can inquire about the location of the holiday home from the agency itself.

Not checking the amenities:

It is one of the most common mistakes that people make. They do not check the amenities extended by the holiday rental. Afterward, they complain about the lack of facilities. Do not put yourself in such a situation. Always check the amenities that the rental has for you so that you can decide whether to book it or leave it.

vacation rental

The basic amenities in any holiday rental include spacious rooms, more than one bathroom, kitchen area, air conditioner, Wi-Fi facility, etc. If your budget is not restricted, you can look for some fancier amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, bar and lounge area, jacuzzi, etc.

Not exploring options:

Some people do not explore the full options of vacation rentals. They start their research on the internet and then finalize the very first accommodation that they come across. It is the silliest mistake.

Always explore as many options as you can to get the best accommodation for a comfortable stay. Shortlist at least 4-5 leads. Compare them, their prices, amenities, and other services. Talk to your group, and then make the best choice. You can also filter the accommodation according to your budget and select the best one. The more you explore, the better you get.

Not booking from a reliable source:

Last but not least, do not book your accommodation from a random source. Always check the credibility and reliability of the platform that you are booking from. To avoid any fraud, always book from the official website of the service provider.

Even if you are making the bookings from a third-party website, begin by checking its credibility. Also, do not overlook the details in the bookings document.


Booking a holiday rental has become like a cakewalk. But it is equally important to follow the process carefully. Avoid the above-listed mistakes to enjoy a hassle-free stay. You will thank us later.

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