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Meghan Markle Announces Her First Children’s Book

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Written by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex has a nice ring to it!

On Tuesday (May 4), Meghan Markle announced that her first children’s book, The Bench, will be published on June 8. 

According to a press release from publisher Random House Children’s Books, Markle shared how she came up with the idea for The Bench and noted that a Father’s Day poem she wrote for her husband, Prince Harry, was where she drew her inspiration. The novel will look at the father and son relationships through a mother’s eyes.

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Illustrated by Caldecott-winning artist Christian Robinson, the book cover shows a bench underneath a tree, with chickens nearby, People reports. In Meghan and Harry’s CBS interview special with Oprah Winfrey in March, the couple revealed that they have a chicken coop they refer to as the “Chick Inn,” also sharing that it is a favorite spot for their son Archie, who turns 2 on May 6. 

“My hope is that The Bench resonates with every family, no matter the makeup, as much as it does with mine,” the Duchess of Sussex says. 

An illustration inside the book shows a father in a military uniform greeting his son as his wife watches through the window. Harry, a military veteran, served as a captain in the British Army.

The Bench is available for preorder now and available for sale on June 8.

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