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LeBron James Back After Injury, But Not ‘100 Percent’

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The Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James suffered an ankle injury six weeks ago and returned to the court on April 30, after missing 20 games. Unfortunately, the four-time NBA MVP forward says his ankle will not be the same.

On March 20, he left the game after Atlanta Hawks forward Solomon Hill landed on his ankle during a struggle for the ball. James stayed in the game for another possession and hit a three-pointer, but eventually made his way to the locker room.

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James returned on Friday (April 30) to play the  Sacramento Kings. After the game, he told ESPN, “For my first game in six weeks, I felt OK. As far as my wind, I felt pretty good. As far as my ankle, it was a little tight at times, obviously,” he said. “But I came out unscathed and pretty good. So it’s a good start.”  

He also added, “I know getting back to 100% is impossible. I’ll never get back to 100% in my career. But I felt comfortable where I knew I could get on the floor and help my team win.”

The Lakers lost with a score of 110-106. 

On Monday (May 3), the Lakers are set to play the visiting Denver Nuggets. However, it is not clear if James will join his team.

“The plan is to see how I feel and go from there,” James said, according to CNN.

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