Killroy Was Here: Kevin Smith to sell his next film as an NFT

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Killroy Was Here: Kevin Smith to sell his next film as an NFT

Killroy Was Here, Kevin Smith, NFT

If you think the collapse of movie theaters or the surge of streaming services are the biggest impact on the film industry, Kevin Smith has a beer he wants you to hold.

The fan-favorite filmmaker, whose career served to define the 1990s, has invaded every new platform from crowd-funding to festivals, podcasts, pop-ups, and more. Now, the New Jersey native is going to try something brand new by selling his horror movie Kilroy Was Here as an NFT (non-fungible token). Per the arrangement, the owner of the NFT will secure the rights to exhibit, distribute and stream the work, making it a means for whoever owns the movie to earn money outside of the blockchain.

“As an indie artist, I’m always looking for a new platform through which to tell a story,” said Smith. “And Crypto has the potential to provide that, while also intersecting with our almost 25 years of experience selling real-world collectibles online and at the brick-and-mortar Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. Back in 1994, we took CLERKS up to Sundance and sold it. Selling Killroy as an NFT feels very similar: whoever buys it could choose to monetize it traditionally, or simply own a film that nobody ever sees but them. We’re not trying to raise financing by selling NFT’s for a Killroy movie; the completed Killroy movie IS the NFT. And If this works, we suddenly have a new stage on which I and other, better artists than me can tell our stories.”

Due to the nature of the sale, Smith will not obtain any theatrical rights after Killroy is sold as an NFT with whoever buys it maintaining sole ownership of the movie.

Furthermore, as of today, Smith is expanding his cinematic View Askewniverse into the Cryptoverse with Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio. The site functions as an NFT gallery showcasing and selling art featuring the cult comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob. Unlike other NFT gallery setups, Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio will be an exclusive crypto gallery with its own .crypto address, curated by Smith and his crew.

Per Deadline‘s exclusive report, Regular Drops will be built around the Smokin’ Tokens, featuring 3D art that will commemorate a different Jay and Silent Bob movie every month. Audio from Crypto Studio co-owner Jason Mewes calls you a “non-fungible f***” while also identifying the color of your Smokin’ Token: green, orange, yellow, or purple. The three Platinum Token packs come with all four colors of the Smokin’ Tokens, along with an exclusive Platinum Token that grants the bearer a Crypto Cameo in Smith’s next film, Clerks III. Also in the first drop: a Killroy teaser NFT, which showcases a 3D comic book and actual footage for the first movie ever sold as an NFT (which will happen in Drop 2). Smith is teaming with Semkhor, a media and technology company focused on digital content production and distribution. Over the next several months, Semkhor will be releasing NFTS in conjunction with Heavy Metal, Dylan McDermott, Marc Antony, Robert Whitman, and Gerardo.

Two platinum tokens will be hidden among the Smokin’ Tokens and the Killroy Teaser NFTs. Those participating might have to buy an orange Smokin’ Token or a Killroy Teaser NFT to walk away with a Clerks III.

Rounding out the first Drop are the fan art pieces in J&SB’s Crypto Studio. This part of the gallery will showcase emerging or established artists who want to create and sell NFTs that features Jay, Silent Bob, Mooby, Buddy Christ, or The Secret Stash.

“This allows us to shine a spotlight on artists we love and introduce the community to their style by way of our characters. We provide the Jay and Silent Bob, you provide the art, our partner Semkhor mints the NFT, and we split the profits. I’ve earned money off of Jay and Silent Bob for years now, so it’s nice to provide a licensed place where others can do the same,” says Smith about spreading the love of making money off the Jay and Silent Bob characters.

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