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Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric Revisit Their Dramatic Love Triangle With Julia Roberts

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After 30 years, Kiefer Sutherland and Lost Boys co-star Jason Patric have united to set the record straight about their past love triangle with mutual ex Julia Roberts.

In 1991, the actress, then 23, was practically a real-life Runaway Bride. On June 14 of that year, she was supposed to marry then-24-year-old Sutherland, her co-star in the 1990 film Flatliners. The two were set to exchange vows on a Twentieth Century Fox sound stage, decorated to look like a pastoral garden, in front of about 150 guests.

Instead, on the day of the wedding, the groom-to-be was spotted moving out of the Hollywood Hills home he shared with Roberts, while she was seen on a lunch date with Patric, also 24, and later jetting off to Dublin, Ireland with him, People had reported at the time. It turned out that Sutherland and Roberts had recently split, so the wedding had been canceled. Patric, now 54, and Roberts, 53, ended their own romance a year later.

Sutherland, 54, and Patric recently appeared together on Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum‘s podcast Inside of You and jointly commented on the love triangle, one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the ’90s. All three actors had previously spoken about the love triangle in separate interviews in past years, but this marked their first joint conversation on the drama.

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