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Kaley Cuoco Hints a Big Bang Theory Reunion Show Could Be Coming Sooner Than You Think

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“He does not ask for my approval. Very rude,” the Charmed alum joked. “What’s funny about Karl is, he won’t ask me but he gets so excited like a child to show it to me. So, he will post it and I’ll immediately get a text, check my Instagram, and I’m like, ‘Oh god, what did you put up now?’ He can’t keep it a secret.”

On top of her new TV projects and getting settled in at home, Kaley is keeping busy with a new health-orientated gig, as an ambassador for Olly Vitamin’s “Future is Female” line.

As she put it, “When they reached out, I was like, ‘OMG this is perfect,’ so I feel I can be authentic about what I say and really feel like they work in a very subtle way, which is what I love… I’m super proud to scream it, because I’ve used almost all of them, and I truly think they work, which is very cool.” 

She’s now using her platform to promote the brand’s latest probiotic vitamin for women, dubbed “Happy Hoo-Ha!” during a time when women’s sexual health and wellness can still be a “taboo” topic for some.

“I hate the word celebrity, but… if someone’s gonna listen to me because I can use my voice for good, [it’s important] to show, especially other women, like half of us on the planet have to deal with all that stuff,” she shared. “There are so many subjects that are, like, off limits now, and it’s very sad. I feel the world is changing.” For her, “I feel better about taking them and there’s just a difference.”

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