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Jessica Alba’s Honest Journey: Acting, an Unexpected Love Story and Finally Daring to Dream Extra Big

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Warren said, “I think one of the things that has allowed us to stay together so long is that we’re not together all the time, and so we were able to have some distance. She travels a lot, I travel a lot, we’re able to miss each other. Quarantine, we’re on top of each other nonstop and so even every small thing that I do probably is amplified and annoys her even more now.” 

Alba readily agreed, but when Warren observed, “There’s not a lot of things that make you love me more during quarantine,” she did make a sound of protest. (And they had a getaway date night planned for that evening, so all was perfectly well.)

Asked what made them work, Warren said, “I think our friendship, truthfully! It’s so corny, but it’s true. Just the friendship, we can talk about anything, we can sit down, we can make each other laugh, we can piss each other off—just that best friend friendship, that trust.”

Alba added, “Yeah, like, ride or die. We’re in it. We both committed to being in it. The second you can choose to be in it, is when you’re like, ‘Hmm, I don’t know, I can probably choose to not do this anymore.’ The second that happens, that’s when it gets weird.”

And, Warren noted, they were helping each other grow. Alba said, “The moment one becomes stagnant and the other one’s really pushing for growth, it’s challenging. Or if you’re growing apart, it’s really challenging and so, it’s like finding a way to support each other on our own paths, in our own growth. Her helping me on my path, and it doesn’t mean our paths have to converge and we have to be doing the exact same thing. It’s just supporting each other in our own growth.”

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