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Jennifer Lawrence Embarks On A Forbidden Romance In ‘Red Sparrow’, Trailer and Information

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Jennifer Lawrence stars in the intense new spy thriller ‘Red Sparrow’, about a group of young men and women who become a part of a rather unconventional section of the world of Russian intelligence when they are trained to use sex to manipulate and trap the enemy. 

Dominika Egorova wants nothing more than a future in ballet, and yet her uncle still forces her to join the Russian intelligence service as a member of Sparrow School; a special training camp which encourages agents to use their bodies to seduce, manipulate and ultimately eradicate their targets.

Her first mission involves tracking down an American agent named Nathaniel Nash, played by Joel Edgerton, who is also on his first tour with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He’s in charge of some of the most sensitive projects relating to Russian intelligence, but when they collide, a forbidden relationship arises.

As their dangerous passion begins to blossom, both their lives are under serious threat from their corresponding alliances. Dominika begins to consider becoming a double-agent for the CIA, much like General Vladimir Andreievich Korchnoi aka MARBLE, but one wrong move can see the obliteration of not only their futures, but their entire histories.

Jennifer Lawrence and Charlotte Rampling star in 'Red Sparrow'Jennifer Lawrence and Charlotte Rampling star in ‘Red Sparrow’

The film has been directed by Francis Lawrence of ‘Constantine’ and ‘I Am Legend’ fame, marking his third collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence after the ‘Hunger Games’ series and ‘The Dive’. Meanwhile the screenplay has been written by the BAFTA nominated Justin Haythe who also wrote ‘The Lone Ranger’, based on the 2013 first novel of the same name by Jason Matthews.

Matthews is a former CIA operative, meaning that this tale is a comprehensive look at how undercover operations in secret intelligence services are undertaken and developed. The book itself is unique in its insight, and in that every chapter makes a reference to a type of food and ends with a recipe to go with it. 

It’s the most thrilling cookery book you will ever read in your life, and it became the well-deserved winner of the ITW Thriller Award for Best First Novel and the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author.

‘Red Sparrow’ is set to hit theatres on March 2nd 2018.

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