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Jay-Z Talks Parenting And His Legacy In A Rare Interview

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Jay-Z opened up about parenting during the pandemic and his legacy in a recent interview with The Sunday Times.

“Feeling loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know? Not ‘Here’s this business that I’m going to hand over to you, that I’m creating for you.’ What if my child doesn’t want to be in music or sports?” Jay-Z said in his interview with the outlet.

“I have no idea, right? But as long as your child feels supported and feels loved, I think anything is possible,” he continued.

Since spending more time at home with nine-year-old Blue Ivy and her twin siblings three-year-olds Sir and Rumi, Jay-Z told the outlet he has learned family “is your foundation.”

At the moment, his focus is to “just make sure we provide a loving environment, be very attentive to who they want to be.”

“It’s easy for us, as human beings, to want our children to do certain things, but we have no idea. We’re just guides,” Jay-Z said.

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As for his legacy, Jay-Z told The Sunday Times that he has no idea.

“I’m not beyond ego, right? Hopefully they speak of me [with] the names of Bob Marley and all the greats. But that’s not for me to say,” he said, adding that he is “most proud of overcoming my circumstances and providing opportunity for people who look like me and who came from the same situation that I’ve come from.”

The rapper compared his career and hopes for his children’s future careers to the card game blackjack.

“There are certain things you do in blackjack,” he said. “[Whether you’re] $1 down or $100 million down, you’ve still got to do what’s right — you’ve still got to go for it. You can’t base it on the money. You have to base it on the love or passion of what you’re doing.”

“You’re not gonna be right all the time, and you’re gonna fail — and you’re gonna fail big, you know? But you’re also going to win big, and when you’re right, you’re gonna be really right,” Jay-Z said.

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