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Jax Taylor Reveals the Gorgeous Push Present He Gave Wife Brittany Cartwright

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Cauchi, of course, is the last name of Jax’s late father Ronald, who passed away at the age of 61 in 2017 after battling cancer.

“A lot of people don’t realize that Cauchi is Jax’s real last name,” Brittany continued. “His late father’s last name is Cauchi so of course we wanted to continue his legacy with our son and family.”

In terms of the middle name, Michael is not only Jax’s middle moniker but his uncle/godfather’s, as well. “As an added plus, Michael has always been my mom’s favorite boy’s name ever,” Brittany told E! News, “so she was so excited.”

Jax and Brittany announced the pregnancy in September and continued to document their road to parenthood. From posting photos of her baby bump to sharing how she felt “extremely sick” throughout the pregnancy, Brittany kept her fans updated every step of the way. And now that their little one has arrived, it looks like Jax and Brittany are hoping to give him a sibling in the future.

“I have always said three [kids] and Jax has always said two,” she told E! News. “But as soon as we had Cruz, he said we could have as many as I want. So, we will probably end up with three.”

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