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Jaclyn Hill’s Ulta Makeup Collection Confirms Her Status as the YouTube OG

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Jaclyn shared, “I think social media has played a huge role in how makeup has evolved. It has become a hobby, a skill, a profession, and a place for people to be their true and authentic selves. First taking off on YouTube with product reviews, to becoming more mainstream on Instagram with reels & stories, to now reaching an even younger demographic on TikTok where individuals can show their whole routine in seconds!” She has seen it all, influenced many, and most importantly, Jaclyn has evolved with the times.

Many TikTokers took part in the 2016 vs. 2021 Challenge, where they showcased how much their beauty routines have changed in the past five years, which is something Jaclyn admitted, “we can all relate to all too well.” She explained, “Beauty trends come and go, and even my own beauty routine has certainly changed throughout the years. From wearing a bold dark lip back in the day, to transitioning to a nude lip statement! I do have to say though – highlighters will always be a staple in any routine, especially mine. It illuminates your face beautifully and I love how buildable they are. Over the years I have perfected my signature look and I wanted to create lines that everyone would enjoy.”

That go-to look is what inspired her to create highlighters, bronzers, blush, and more for Jaclyn Cosmetics, which is available at Ulta. The mogul shared, “With my new collections I wanted to stay true to what I look for in makeup, but also would complement every skin tone. We launched on my website JaclynCosmetics.com and partnered with the amazing Ulta team to bring these staple products to everyone!”

To learn more about the Jaclyn Cosmetics collection at Ulta and Jaclyn’s personal application tips and insights, keep on scrolling to get your glow on.

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