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Insidious: The Last Key, Trailer and Information

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The fourth instalment of the ‘Insidious’ has already hit theatres and is turning out to be a major spookfest. ‘The Last Key’ takes parapsychologist Elise Rainier back to her own childhood where she discovers just how her connection to the spirit world began. 

Elise Rainier is faced with the her most terrifying haunting yet as she returns to her childhood home in New Mexico; a place plagued by the most deadly and hidious of all spectral creatures. This time there is a new occupant, and while the last thing she wants to do is re-visit the horrors of her past, she has sworn to protect the innocent living from the parasitic realms beyond.

So she ventures forth, with a new determination to end the curse that she has felt since she was a small child. But in order to do so, she most go deeper into the Further than she has ever gone before. With demons at every turn, if she doesn’t do this right, there’s no way back.

‘Insidious: The Last Key’ sees a brand new director at the helm, the award-winning Adam Robitel in his second feature-length movie following 2014’s ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’. He is also known for having written the script for ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’. 

Meanwhile, Leigh Whannell – who you might recognise as the character Specs in the movies – returns as screenwriter. 

While the film immediately follows 2015’s ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’, it’s actually the second story within the chronology of the franchise, coming before the first film. ‘Chapter 2’ is intended as the fourth story in the series, which means the beginning is yet to come.

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