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How To Build a Diagonal Drawer Organizer

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Kitchn readers (hey, that’s you!) love this old post we have about organizing drawers diagonally, and for good reason: Working on the diagonal, instead of right angles, can give you much more flexibility on how you use the space inside your drawers. It’s that sort of aha moment that you’re surprised you didn’t think of earlier.

And while you can absolutely buy one that’s already made, you might have an usually narrow (or wide) drawer that could benefit from a more bespoke organizer. Which is where this post comes in: Here’s how you can make one yourself.

Why You Should Make Your Own Diagonal Drawer Organizers

Again, you can certainly buy a diagonal drawer organizer that’s already made (like the one above!). You just have to buy it and slide it in. The only issue is that your drawer basically has to be the exact same size as the organizer. If your drawer is too small, it won’t fit, obviously. If your drawer is much bigger, then you end up wasting an awkward amount of space.

You can also work with a special dealer (the one in our popular post is from Diamond Cabinets), although that’s not particularly cheap. Or, you can make one yourself! You don’t even have to be all that handy to make one! And you can customize one to fit your space, based on what you need to store. Here’s what to do.

How To Make a Diagonal Drawer Organizer

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