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‘House Of The Dragon’ Recap: Rhaenyra Suffers The Loss Of 2 Children In Devastating Finale

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Picture Credit score: HBO

The House of the Dragon finale begins with Luke standing over the Painted Desk. He runs his hand over Driftmark. Rhaenyra walks into the room. Luke thinks he’s going to damage all the things. “I don’t need Driftmark. It ought to have handed on to Ser Vaemond,” Luke tells his mom.

Rhaenyra explains that she was simply 14 — the identical age as he’s now — when her father named her the inheritor to the Iron Throne. “We don’t select our future, Luke. It chooses us,” Rhaenyra says. It’s a must to earn your inheritance, and Luke has nothing however time. “I’m not such as you. I’m not so… good,” Luke says. Rhaenyra replies, “I’m something however.”

Emma D'Arcy
Rhaenyra and Luke within the season finale. (HBO)

Rhaenys Comes To Dragonstone & Rhaenyra Goes Into Labor

Rhaenys quickly arrives on dragonback and instantly requests to speak to Rhaenyra and Daemon. She has to interrupt the information about Viserys’ loss of life. Rhaenyra and Daemon are blindsided. However there’s extra. Aegon has been crowned as the new king. “They topped him?” Rhaenyra mutters.

Daemon desires to understand how Viserys died and begins to invest that he was murdered by Alicent. Rhaenys tells them that she refused to swear her allegiance to Aegon. She left on Meleys earlier than something may occur to her. Daemon doesn’t perceive why she couldn’t just burn them all and save them the difficulty. “That battle isn’t mine to start,” Rhaenys says.

Within the speedy aftermath of the double-whammy of Viserys’ loss of life and Aegon usurping the throne, Rhaenya goes into labor means too early. Daemon begins gathering a group to speak about rallying help. As that is taking place, Rhaenyra is enduring painful labor. Everybody can hear her screams.

Jace and Luke are exterior practising their combating expertise when Rhaenys brings them inside. Rhaenyra explains what’s occurred. “What’s to be carried out about it?” he asks. When the boys go to their mom, Daemon comes up. Rhaenyra says that he’s “gone to insanity. Gone to plot a battle.”

Within the midst of labor, Rhaenyra stresses to Jace that no matter declare stays to her, he’s now the speedy inheritor after her. Nothing is to be carried out with out her command. Within the line of succession, Jace trumps Daemon.

Rhaenyra within the season finale. (HBO)

Rhaenyra calls out for Daemon whereas in labor. He nonetheless doesn’t go to her. He ignores her screams. Jace lastly steps in and says no motion ought to be taken whereas she’s in mattress. Daemon tries to show Jace about loyalty with two Kingsguard. He provides the boys a selection. Swear their allegiance to Rhaenyra and Jace or endure the results through dragon.

Rhaenyra & Daemon’s Daughter Dies & Rhaenyra Is Topped Queen

Rhaenyra provides beginning to her little one — a woman in Hearth & Blood — with none help. She grabs the infant herself. There aren’t any cries from the toddler. The newborn is stillborn. Rhaenyra cradles her lifeless little one in her arms. Daemon lastly goes to her and doesn’t say a phrase when he sees her with their daughter. Later, Rhaenyra helps put together her daughter for burial all by herself. In the meantime, Daemon is by the ocean. He’s too pleased with a person to point out his feelings — unhappiness, anger, and extra — in entrance of Rhaenyra. Everybody mourns in their very own means.

They do unite to bury their daughter collectively. Daemon appears over at Rhaenyra through the funeral with a glance of pure devastation.

Whereas the funeral remains to be happening, Ser Erryk Cargyll arrives. He has Viserys’ crown. “I swear towards the queen with all my power and provides my blood for hers,” Erryk says to Rhaenyra. Erryk vows to face by her as a member of her Queensguard.

Erryk Cargyll
Erryk Cargyll swears his allegiance to Rhaenyra. (HBO)

Daemon is the one to crown Rhaenyra along with her father’s crown. He’s additionally the primary to kneel earlier than her after she’s topped. “My queen,” he says. Everybody else kneels for her… besides Rhaenys.

The plans start for Rhaenyra to take again her throne. She brings Rhaena and Baela to the Painted Desk. Everyone seems to be ready for her command. She learns that ravens have been despatched to Lord Grover with out her permission. Storm’s Finish and Winterfell come up. Rhaenyra believes the Starks is not going to overlook their oath to her. Borros Baratheon of Storm’s Finish will must be reminded of his father’s oath.

Rhaenyra asks Rhaenys about Corlys. Rhaenys reveals that he’s headed to Dragonstone. Rhaenyra hopes for his or her help of the Velaryons, however she doesn’t push the problem in entrance of everybody.

Daemon quickly brings up dragons. Daemon explains that the Blacks have 13 to the Greens’ 4 dragons. Daemon stresses that they should use them. Rhaenyra notes that the majority of their dragons haven’t been to battle. The strain between Daemon and Rhaenyra continues to construct.

Otto Makes an attempt To Make A Deal With Rhaenyra

All of a sudden, a ship arrives with the flags of a 3-headed inexperienced dragon. Daemon and Otto come face-to-face. Otto has come to ship a message to Rhaenyra. She flies in on Syrax similar to she did all these years in the past. She walks proper previous Otto to face beside Daemon sporting Viserys’ crown.

Otto calls Rhaenyra only a princess. “I’m Queen Rhaenyra now… and you’re all traitors to the realm,” Rhaenyra says. Otto explains that Aegon is providing phrases of peace. If Rhaenyra acknowledges Aegon because the king and swears earlier than the Iron Throne, Aegon will verify her possession of Dragonstone, which can ultimately move to Jace. Driftmark will stick with Luke.

Aegon the Youthful would be the king’s squire, whereas Viserys II might be Aegon the Elder’s cupbearer. Aegon may even pardon the knights and lords who conspired towards the king. “I’d relatively feed my sons to the dragons than have them carry shields and cups on your drunken, usurper, c*nt of a king,” Daemon says with out hesitation.

Otto reminds Rhaenyra and Daemon that Aegon at present sits on the Iron Throne, wears the Conqueror’s crown, and wields Blackfyre. “Each image of legitimacy belongs to him,” Otto says. He notes that the Baratheons, Tullys, and Starks are entertaining phrases to acknowledge Aegon as king. To additional twist the knife, Otto tells Rhaenrya the succession modified the day Viserys sired a son with Alicent.

Rhaenyra walks as much as Otto and takes his Hand of the King pin off. She throws it over the bridge. “F**king traitor,” she says to him. Otto palms her a web page from the e book that she and Alicent learn collectively years in the past. “Queen Alicent has not forgotten the love you as soon as had for one another,” he says, including that “no blood want be spilled…”

Daemon is past able to get this present on the street. He desires to kill Otto now. Rhaenyra stops Daemon from going too far. “King’s Touchdown could have my reply on the morrow,” Rhaenyra says to Otto earlier than strolling away.

Daemon & Rhaenyra Combat Over How To Deal with Aegon

Daemon is adamant that they use their surplus of dragons on this oncoming battle. “When dragons flew to battle, all the things burned,” Rhaenyra says. She doesn’t wish to run headfirst into battle and take the Iron Throne regardless of the associated fee. She is aware of her father selected her as his successor to defend the realm, not solid it into battle.

Rhaenyra Daemon
Rhaenyra and Daemon within the season finale. (HBO)

“The enemy have declared battle. What are you going to do about it?” Daemon pointedly asks her. Rhaenyra asks everybody to clear the room apart from Daemon. Rhaenyra wonders if the promise of battle excites him. He doesn’t need her to bend the knee to the Hightowers after they stole her birthright.

“Are you not indignant?” he asks her. Rhaenyra doesn’t suppose meaning she ought to simply declare battle. “No, it’s your obligation as queen to crush rise up,” he says. She replies, “My oath reaches past our private ambitions.”

He doesn’t know what she’s speaking about. She brings up A Track of Ice & Hearth. He’s nonetheless clueless. Rhaenyra tries to elucidate to him, however Daemon quickly realizes that is one thing his personal brother didn’t belief him to know. He grabs Rhaenyra by the neck. “Goals didn’t make us kings, dragons did,” Daemon says.

In retaliation, Rhaenyra tells him, “He by no means advised you, did he?” She chuckles at him. He walks away, however she appears just a little frightened of what he may do.

Corlys Bows Earlier than Rhaenyra

Corlys wakes as much as Rhaenys sleeping by his aspect. “You deserted me after I most wanted you,” Rhaenys tells her husband. He deserted her for extra adventures at sea.  “I misplaced all the things,” Corlys says. But he by no means misplaced her.

Rhaenys tells him that Vaemond is dead. Daemon took his head. “You have been proper, Rhaenys. I reached too far and for nothing. Our pursuit for the Iron Throne is at an finish,” Corlys says. He doesn’t wish to declare for anybody. He simply desires to stay with their granddaughters on Driftmark. Rhaenyra reminds him that Jace, Luke, and Joffrey usually are not protected with Aegon as king.

Corlys nonetheless thinks that Rhaenyra is accountable for Laenor’s “loss of life.” He believes Rhaenyra “destroys all the things she touches.” Rhaenys tells him that Rhaenyra is holding the realm collectively. “Rhaenyra is the one one who has demonstrated restraint,” she provides.

Corlys and Rhaenys come to certainly one of Rhaenyra’s technique conferences. Daemon is noticeably absent. “Your father’s realm was certainly one of justice and honor. Our homes are sure by a standard blood and customary trigger. This Hightower treason can’t stand. You’ve got the complete help of our fleet and home, your grace,” Corlys says to Rhaenyra earlier than bowing his head.

Rhaenyra doesn’t wish to begin a battle straight away. She desires to know who her allies are earlier than taking the step into battle. Corlys notes that the Slim Sea is theirs. Rhaenys agrees to patrol the Gullet on Meleys to chop off commerce and journey to King’s Touchdown. This may ultimately make them able to laying siege to the Purple Preserve. Rhaenyra is properly conscious that she wants the help of Winterfell, Storm’s Finish, and the Eyrie as a way to encompass King’s Touchdown in arms.

Jace Luke
Jace and Luke with Rhaena and Baela within the season finale. (HBO)

Jace tells his mother to ship him and Luke to Winterfell, Storm’s Finish, and the Eyrie. Dragons can fly quicker. Rhaenyra orders Jace to go to the Eyrie after which to Winterfell to speak to Cregan Stark. Luke will go to Borros Baratheon at Storm’s Finish. She desires them to remind the boys of the oaths their homes swore and the price of breaking them.

“It’s been mentioned that as Targaryens we’re nearer to gods than to males… if we’re to serve the Seven Kingdoms we should reply to their gods. You go as messengers, not as warriors. Take no half in any combating,” Rhaenyra tells her boys. She makes them swear it.

Luke Faces Off With Aemond & It Ends In Tragedy

Rhaenyra hopes that Jace will discover some frequent pursuits with Cregan Stark. Rhaenyra factors out to Luke that he has Baratheon blood from his grandmother. Storm’s Finish is only a quick flight from Dragonstone. In the meantime, Daemon goes to wake Vermithor, the late King Jaehaerys’ dragon.

Luke arrives at Storm’s Finish on Arrax. He spots Vhagar within the distance, which suggests Aemond is already right here. When he goes inside to speak to Borros, he sees Aemond. A nervous Luke says he has a message from his mom. Borros has already obtained a message from Aegon.

Borros tells Luke that Aegon got here with a proposal of a wedding pact. He desires the identical from Rhaenyra. “I’m not free to marry. I’m already betrothed,” Luke explains. Borros scoffs at Luke and tells him to go residence. He’s not going to associate with his father’s oaths.

Luke begins to depart when Aemond calls him “Lord Robust.” Luke, listening to his mom, says he’s not going to combat him. He got here as solely a messenger. “A combat can be little problem,” Aemond says. He desires Luke’s eye “as payment for mine.” Aemond takes off his eye patch to disclose his sapphire eye. “One will serve,” Aemond says earlier than throwing a dagger at Luke.

“Give me your eye, or I’ll take it, bastard!” Aemond yells. Borros refuses to have any combating in his residence. Luke heads again to Arrax, and the rain at Storm’s Finish is brutal. He doesn’t hear Vhagar. He begins to fly on dragonback out of Storm’s Finish when Vhagar flies overhead with Aemond. Luke tries to get away whereas Aemond laughs.

Luke Velaryon dies within the season finale. (HBO)

“You owe a debt,” Aemond says in Excessive Valyrian. The spooked Arrax blows hearth in Vhagar’s face as an act of protection, and Aemond begins to lose management of Vhagar. Luke and Arrax get out of the storm and suppose they’ve evaded Vhagar and Aemond. Out of nowhere, Vhagar emerges and devours Luke and Arrax immediately. “Vhagar, no!” Aemond yells after Luke and Arrax die. There are solely items of Luke and Arrax left after just some bites.

By the look on his face, Aemond is aware of he’s completely screwed. He could have wished to take Luke’s eye, however he didn’t wish to kill him. This horrible accident will trigger a battle, and Aemond is totally accountable.

Daemon is the one who has to interrupt the information about Luke’s loss of life to Rhaenyra. She is aware of one thing’s up even earlier than he tells her. He grabs her hand and takes her away from the Painted Desk. He reveals the tragic information of Luke’s loss of life. Rhaenyra practically falls to her knees. When she turns round… it’s a very totally different Rhaenyra. Hell hath no fury like a devastated mom.

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