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Game Night [2018], Trailer and Information

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What kind of idea do you cook up for a social game night when you’re filthy rich? Whatever it is, it’s got to be something unique, exciting and it’s gotta last the evening. At least that’s something that Brooks (Kyle Chandler) gets right in ‘Game Night’.

Brooks is hosting a special kind of evening at his luxurious mansion for his six friends – including his brother Max (Jason Bateman), Max’s wife Annie (Rachel McAdams), their pal Ryan (Billy Magnussen), Ryan’s love interest Sarah (Sharon Horgan) and another couple (played by Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury). It’s a kind of murder mystery event whereby one of them gets ‘kidnapped’ and the others have to set out to find the hostage. 

The person who finds the hostage wins the grand prize. Sounds simple enough, and no doubt exceptionally fun. However, there’s nothing whimsical about this game. Brooks has set the whole thing up to look very real, aiming to fool his guests into believing anything. He puts so much emphasis on this point of the game, though, that when a group of actual robbers break into the house and drag him away, his friends think it’s all just part of the act. 

Unfortunately for Brooks, this was, of course, totally unplanned. Not that his pals believe him. Still, they set out to find where he’s been taken, and soon begin to realise that there’s something very wrong about this game.

There are gunshots, car chases, real deaths and very real danger. The question is, how are they ever going to top this Game Night?

‘Game Night’ is a thrilling and suitably bloody comedy directed by filmmaking partners John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (‘Vacation’) with a screenplay by Mark Perez (‘Accepted’). The released date has been moved from March 7th 2017 to February 23rd.

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