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Florida Airport BRAWL Linked To Hip Hop Beef: Foolio Vs Yungeen Ace! (Video)

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A brutal fist fight broke out Sunday afternoon in the American Airlines terminal of the Miami International Airport. And MTO News is hearing that the fight may have been between two rival factions in Jacksonville – one that supports rapper Follio and the other that supports rapper Yungeen Ace.


Video shot by a person inside the terminal shows the melee near a gate at Miami International airport involving two different groups of people. The flight was allegedly going from Miami to Jacksonville.


According to Miami-Dade Police, they responded to the scene – but the victim did not want to press charges.

According to MDPD, one person was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The victim was treated by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for minor injuries at the scene.


It’s going to be a hot summer in Jacksonville. Yungeen Ace and Foolio made international news in recent weeks. Both rappers released viral music videos, where they bragged about killing the other’s loved one.

Yungeen Ace started first, with his hit song “Who I Smoke”, which has been streamed more than a billion times already. In the song, Ace brags about killing rapper Foolio’s best friend Bibby.

Then last week, Foolio released his response track – When I See you, where the rapper bragged about killing Yungeen Ace’s brother – over a catchy beat. That song has now been streamed over 50 million times in less than a week.

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