F9: Vin Diesel teases Michael Caine joining the franchise

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In just a few months, we’ll be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Fast & Furious franchise as the ninth film in the Fast Saga hits theaters, and the series has certainly changed quite a bit in that time. What was once a simple action film dealing with street races and small-level heists has transformed into a franchise that includes high-tech gadgets, physics-defying vehicles, and increasingly over-the-top stunts.

While speaking on Entertainment Weekly’s Binge: The Fast Saga, Vin Diesel discussed the origins of the Fast & Furious franchise, but he did drop a potentially major reveal regarding the next big actor to join the series. Diesel was asked if he could go back in time and add someone to the first Fast & Furious movie — either an actor already involved in the series or just someone would like to include — who would it be?

I guess if I were to think, where we’re going with the next chapter, Michael Caine? I might have found a way. You’re saying if I could have redesigned the mythology or added little elements to the mythology? I could have done something with Helen Mirren and Michael Caine’s character, played something out. I could have introduced something in the future.

Now, nothing official has been released regarding Michael Caine joining the franchise, and it could be that Vin Diesel is just spitballing, but the way he phrased it certainly makes it sound as though it’s a done deal. Diesel has worked with Caine before, as the pair starred together in The Last Witch Hunter several years ago. In regards to just who Michael Caine could be playing, it’s probably a safe to assume that he would be the father of the Shaw brothers (Luke Evans and Jason Statham) and husband to Magdalene Shaw (Helen Mirren). After all, this is a franchise that’s all about family; it’s subtle, but it’s there. F9 is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

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