Everything Your Dog Needs To Feel Safe And Most At Home

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Behaviors like aggression, barking, anxiety, and destruction affect the welfare of your dog and these can be attributed to fear and stress. These issues affect the dog’s life experience and can lead to the breakdown of the human/pet relationship that should exist. A well-groomed dog does not necessarily need to resort to destruction, aggression, or anxiety if it feels comfortable and secure. There are different measures that you can take to make your puppy feel at home. Read on to learn everything your dog needs to feel safe and most at home.

Socialize Your Dog at an Early Stage

As soon as your pup has had its vaccinations, you must take appropriate measures to introduce it to all housemates. If there are also other pets like cats in your house, make sure you socialize your dog with them so that they can live in harmony. You also need to introduce your dog to all humans in your home to make it feel comfortable. Taking your companion to different places like a nearby park will help him or her gain confidence and adaptability.

Too much restriction can make the pet feel anxious which can impact its wellbeing. Training your dog helps it to process information and is less likely to focus on its anxiety. If you notice that the canine is constantly afraid of something, try to desensitize your dog by remaining calm so that it can work on overcoming the fearful situation. Note that you should never force your dog outside its comfort zone if they aren’t willing to leave your side in the presence of a stranger.

Create a Comfortable Place for Your Dog

When you are bringing a new puppy home, you must create a comfortable place where it can immediately settle. You can use a crate or another type of shelter, a dog bed or pillow, for instance. Make sure the space is easily accessible and free from heavy human traffic. It is essential to ensure that your pet can see everything going on around its resting place to make it feel safe.

Just like you, your little friend also deserves comfortable sleep. Therefore, you must get the right mattress that is specially designed for canines. In the UK, there are various orthopedic dog bed choices that you can consider, and they help make a difference in transforming your pooch’s quality of sleep. Orthopedic dog beds are created for dogs of all ages, and they help them familiarize themselves with the new place quickly. Your pet can also retreat to its safe place when it encounters a fearful situation. Such a move will help the anxiety to subside. It is also a good idea to avoid overprotecting your dog to help it deal with different scenarios in your home.

dogs need to feel safe

Use Positive Reinforcement

You must avoid punishing your dog using aversives since this can cause fear and insecurity. It is crucial to find better ways of reducing unwanted behaviors without hurting or scaring your dog. Elements like yelling or hitting your puppy in response to undesired behavior can cause more harm than good. This can cause adverse effects where your little friend might end up feeling scared or defensive. There are several ways that you can teach your pet good manners such as using positive reinforcement. More importantly, you need to exercise patience when dealing with an animal since it does not reason like a human being. You must avoid getting frustrated with your dog since this can build anxiety and some form of resistance.

Leave the Light On

Another great way to make your pet feel safe while you are away from home is to leave the light on. Just like humans, dogs do not feel comfortable sitting in the dark when they are not sleeping. You can consider getting a timer that will automatically switch on the light when the sun sets to make your companion feel safe. In the same vein, it is also a good idea to leave the television on to ensure that your canine does not feel lonely. Hiring a pet sitter can also give your dog some sense of security if you know that you will be away from home for extended periods. If there is no one at home, keep the doors and gates closed to prevent your pet from wandering which can lead to harm.

Elements like anxiety, stress, and fear play crucial roles in the well-being of animals as they impact our lives. You can make a difference in your dog’s welfare if you take the necessary measures to reduce the emotions that can lead to fear and discomfort. It might not be easy to understand your best friend’s emotions, but you need to commit yourself to its needs to make it feel at home.

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