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Emmanuel Acho Talks Racism and History in New Book

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Emmanuel Acho, host of the video series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” has released a new book that he wants to help set a tone for younger generations to talk about race, culture, and privilege in healthy ways. 

In an interview with CBS News on Thursday (May 6), the former NFL star said, “I wrote this book to actually offer true dialogue that our young White brothers and sisters, our young Black brothers and sisters can engage with because they probably won’t hear about this in the history books.”

His new book, “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy” is an open dialogue for Black Brown children who have questioned their identity because of their skin color. The book can also be offered as an educational tool for “White boys and girls who might be unintentionally ignorant and racially insensitive.” 

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Acho also spoke about how historical narrators may bring in their own bias based on their views and perspectives of the world.  

“If Emanuel Acho were to write his own autobiography, everything would seem amazing. I would be the best football player, the nicest human being, the most kind person you have ever met,” he said. “An autobiography is written about a person by the person. A biography is simply written about the person. American history is much more like an autobiography, written “about White people by White people.”

But Acho says that progressive conversations should start inside at the home. 

“Our parents far too often use their children as a scapegoat — ‘Well, my son, my daughter, they are not ready to have these conversations,’ when in actuality, the parent isn’t equipped to have this conversation,” he said. “So I wanted to make sure that was no longer the truth.”

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