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DMX’s Life and Legacy Remembered During Moving Memorial Service

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Nas recalled a special moment together when they filmed the 1998 movie, Belly.

“We did a great movie together, and on that movie, he was just rising up as a star. His first album didn’t even come out yet,’ Nas shared. “But he knew his journey was starting. We stood outside The Tunnel nightclub about to shoot a scene and he looked at me, tears in his eyes because he knew about the journey he was about to embark on…to become a hip-hop icon.”

Additionally, Eve shared a heartwarming tribute to DMX.

“First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for the energy that everybody has brought here today,” she said. “The celebration of how great we all know DMX was what he has left behind. I am seriously the luckiest, luckiest woman in the world to have been adopted by the Ruff Ryders, but to have known DMX the way that I knew him as a man, a father, a friend. This is so hard y’all.”

She continued, “What I pray. What I hope. I pray to God. I pray to our angels, I pray to our ancestors that his journey was smooth. I know that he will rest in power, rest in love but most of all he will rest in peace. Thank you.”

Many of the Ruff Ryders musical group also expressed their heartache over the star’s death with moving tributes.

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