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DaBaby Speaks Out On His First Sexual Experience At Age 5

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On a throwback episode of the Lip Service podcast, rapper DaBaby opened up about dealing with heartbreak, along with the shocking truth of his first sexual experience.  

When the show’s hosts Angela Yee, Lore’l, and Gigi Maguire, began chatting about their first sexual encounters, the Charlotte-born rapper recalled becoming sexually active at an early age.

“I lost my virginity at 4 or 5-years-old,” DaBaby shared during the March 2019 episode. 

While he was a bit hesitant about sharing more details about the encounter, he later revealed that he became sexually involved with an older girl while his mother was at work. 

“I got two older brothers. So all the older n—s from the neighborhood, they used to come to the crib. My momma worked two jobs. She would get off her job and go to her other job. She wouldn’t even be home. Me and my brothers would come straight home from school. We little a** boys,” he shared. 

He continued, “I was copying off them n— humping on her leg, sucking on her titties, that type of s*** at 5 years old.”

“B***h R. Kelly’d me when I think about it,” he proclaimed, although later in the interview when the hosts joked about finding the girl on Facebook and holding her accountable, he lightheartedly brushed off the notion.

According to the rapper, the mystery girl was, “was grown. Like 17-18.”

He added, “That’s my first time sharing that on camera.”

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While DaBaby doesn’t quite consider the incident losing his virginity, he did acknowledge his early experience was normalized by his peers. “I ain’t know what I was doing then. I knew more than the average 5-year-old,” Kirk said. 

During the interview, DaBaby went on to reveal that he experienced having his heartbroken “a couple of times.”

Below, watch the #TBT candid conversation about his first experience, heartbreak, relationships, and more:  

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