Cocktail Party Ideas For Summer Parties

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Summer calls for cocktail parties. Most of you must be aware of this concept of the modern party. It is a get-together hosted with delicious food and beverages. It is also referred to as cocktail reception. These parties are generally held for business networking and social gatherings. Unlike other party’s cocktail parties ask for a formal dress code. Organizing the cocktail party is not only about serving good food and drinks. Many people focus on the party theme as well as decoration. Here you can choose the right theme for your parties to add a touch to it.

Choosing the right theme for your cocktail party would allow you to work on all the aspects such as drink, food, and décor. Since it is your cocktail party and you want it to be special and hence you put all your efforts into it. You can even ask your guests to dress according to your cocktail party theme. Here we are going to share a few of the ideas that would help you to throw the amazing cocktail party ever.

Retro theme cocktail party

If you are someone who loves the feel of the 60s then this is a chance for you to experience it. The culture of the 60s is all about martini recipes, low ball glasses, champagne cocktail setups, and various garnishes. You can include these ideas of the 60s and host an amazing cocktail party for your guests. If you are not aware of the appetizers which were trending during the 60s then you can refer to various recipe books or look online for the recipe ideas. For drinks, you can refer to Here you can encourage your guests to wear the clothes according to the retro theme to take your party to the next level.

Themed drinks party

Parties are all about sparkling drinks and delicious appetizers. But cocktail parties are not only about serving the regular drinks from the bar to your guests. Here you would need to be more organized if you are hosting the party based on any particular theme. You would need to set up your bar according to your theme. You can choose a couple of cocktail drinks based on your theme or you can also serve 5 to 6 different cocktails which would have different flavors and alcohols. You would need to make sure that the bar is full with the drinks so that the bartender can easily make cocktail drinks for your guests. If you are hosting the party to honor anyone then you can also prepare the signature drink to dedicate to that person.

mix and match style cocktails for a party

Mix and Match style Cocktail Party

A Cocktail party is a chance for you to show your hosting skills and hence make sure you take complete advantage of them. Your bartender would take care of your cocktail drinks but what about food? Whether you decide to cook on your own or hire someone to cook for you, make sure the food menu should tell a lot about your expertise. Make sure to add the appetizers of different types so that your guests would have a lot more to explore. You can add different flavors and textures to your appetizers to satisfy the taste buds of your guests.

Worldwide theme cocktail party

You might have been located in a particular country but you can get the flavors of the whole world at your cocktail party. You can let your guests taste the flavourful cuisines from every part of the world including the drinks. This would be a different experience for your guests. Here they would get a chance to explore new and at the end of the day, you would have satisfaction in your heart for organizing such an unforgettable cocktail party. For food, you can choose the famous recipes around the world and you can also do a bit of research on the drinks part. You can explore different types of alcohol and plan your cocktail drinks.  For decoration, you can look for the different cultures around the world and plan it accordingly. You can also work on the invitation and try to give a touch of different cultures. With the theme, you would also get a chance to ask your guests to wear suitable clothing as per different cultures.

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