Chrissy Chlapecka says, “Welcome to Bimbo TikTok”

Chrissy Chlapecka says, “Welcome to Bimbo TikTok”

Reclaiming the once-slur, “Bimbo” from the clutches of historical past and boring boomers, Gen Z have created an area for “ladies, gays, they usually’s.” Draped in sizzling pink every little thing, glitter, and positivity saying, “that is your signal to dump him!.”

Wander over to ‘BimboTok’ and see for your self; these mavericks are taking again what was an insult, turning it on it’s head, and utilizing it towards the insulters. 

TikTokker Chrissy Chlapecka embodies the breathless IDGAF vibe of her predecessors. Whether or not by inspiration or design, she knee-caps sexist and outdated concepts of who a lady ought to be. Removed from a ditz she weaponizes an ideal vocal fry and lilt to the tip of her statements as if every little thing is a query. She creates content material that’s sensible, neon, kitsch, and cute; but with a stable one-two Okay.O. to sexist concepts of femininity. 

“Bimbo” is an Italian masculine gender time period that fairly actually, and this can’t be made up, means, “(male) child”. The time period has historical past within the purview. The foundation of the time period has been flawlessly was a finger-gun-wink-combo to the outdated guard of the male gaze and feminism. It derives from “bambino”that means child; a time period of endearment within the aggrandizing mafioso media we grew up with. “Bimba” could be the apropos feminine equal. 

From the character performed by Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde”; Elle Woods, with the head-tilt asking, “what, prefer it’s onerous?” in reply to being admitted into Harvard Legislation Faculty, to Marilyn Monroe with presence that would cease you with a single look, Anna Nicole-Smith whose electrical character delighted America, the attractive Pamela Anderson, to Britney Spears who utilized a “child voice” that delighted the complete world’s ears, to Paris Hilton purring, “that’s sizzling”, to the queen mom: Dolly Parton, with an indomitable coronary heart of gold. Who would even be ashamed of being in comparison with such powerhouses? Anybody femme figuring out, masc, or outdoors of the binary can draw on these examples, personas, and personalities; they by no means take any gruff and carry on maintaining on. Put on no matter, be form, be you. That’s the Nuwave Everyoneism/ Neofeminism message. 

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