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Bless Sebastian Stan For Sharing His Favorite Falcon and the Winter Soldier TikToks

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Stars, they’re just like us. 

And by that we mean sometimes, stars also spend all their time watching TikTok and saving all their favorites to watch later. Unlike us, of course, those stars are often featured in those TikToks. On Friday, Sebastian Stan followed up the arrival of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale by sharing a few related videos in his Instagram stories. They are just a few of the many, many Bucky Barnes-related videos to be found on the platform, but they are a few of the very best. 

We tracked down the videos he shared and have embedded them here for us all to enjoy together, but first, we have a few questions for Mr. Stan. 

1) How did you come across these videos? Do you have a secret TikTok account? And if so, did these come up on your FYP, or did you search for them, or did someone send them to you? 

2) Did you track all of these videos down just today to share them, or have you been collecting them for weeks? The first one was posted three weeks ago, so we were just wondering. 

3) Do you read the comments? If you do, in fact, have a secret account, do you ever write comments? 

4) How many less tame, more thirsty videos did you decide not to share on your Instagram? Do you ever just sit at home and watch TikToks about yourself? 

We will be awaiting your answers, Sebastian. In the meantime, let’s make fun of John Walker together! 

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