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Black LGBTQ Teen Found Hanging From A Tree In Boston Suburb

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The death of Mikayla Miller is under investigation by the Middlesex District Attorney’s office after the 16-year-old was found hanging from a tree in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on April 18. 

CBS Boston reported that flowers mark the spot where Miller was found on a trail off West Main Street located behind the apartments where she lived.

Mikayla’s mother turned to social media and shared a post that accused police of turning a blind eye to the children who she said bullied, ambushed, and murdered her daughter. 

“My daughter was jumped by a group of kids on Saturday April 17th, 2021, and was then murdered hours later in Hopkinton, tied to a tree and left,” read the statement allegedly from Miller’s mother and tweeted by Violence in Boston Inc. 

Online supporters claimed that Miller was “lynched” because she was Black, or gay, or both.

“The idea that we would be not investigating bullying or a murder, as the allegation, is just not true,” Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said during a press conference.

Mikayla was a student-athlete at Hopkinton High, which is predominately white. The DA’s office indicated that her death was not suspicious, perhaps meaning it was a suicide, Ryan did acknowledge a relationship breakup the day before triggered a fight.

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“We know it was an altercation among people who were known to each other,” Ryan told WBZ-TV.

Investigators do not have a full report from the medical examiner but have continued to interview people for additional information. Investigators said they have updated Miller’s family every few days.

“To lose a child — and then to think that everything is not being done to find out what happened — is a terrible thing,” Ryan said. “We want to get the right answer for Mikayla.”

Ryan said she regrets that forensics are taking so long but says more time is needed to know for certain what led up to the tragic death, according to WBZ-TV.

Mikayla’s mother and aunt declined an interview with WBZ-TV and said more information will be released at a vigil on Thursday, May 13 in Hopkinton.

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