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Asian GANGS In California Upset They Can’t Call Black People The N WORD!!

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There’s an fascinating debate effervescent up, within the California gang politics. A bunch of Asian gang members – largely Crips – are upset as a result of persons are telling them that they should not use the N phrase, to explain Black individuals.


The problem first got here to a head final week, when rapper Charleston White known as out Asian gang members in northern California for utilizing that racist epithet, when describing Black individuals.

Here is what Charleston mentioned:

Effectively a bunch of Asian gang members made a response video, the place they argued that they need to have the ability to use the epithet, as a result of they “grew up round Black individuals.”

Here is their argument:

Asian gangs for years have flown underneath the radar inside in style tradition due to their secrecy, however that is altering with the recognition of social media.

The primary gamers in San Francisco had been the Wah Ching, Hop Sing Tong, Wo Hop To, and the Joe Boys, wherein their exercise led to dozens of homicides within the northern California metropolis all through the Sixties and Seventies.


In cities like Lengthy Seaside, San Diego, or Sacramento, Asian gang members who mother and father and grandparents initially got here from Southeast Asian nations like Cambodia, Vietname or the Philippines have turn out to be underneath their very own set of gangs.

From Southern California to California’s Central Valley area Asian gangs fashioned into the likes of the Asian Boyz, Oriental Crips, Viet Delight Crips, Tiny Rascals Gang, Asian Avenue Walkers and quite a few others.

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