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Abigail Spencer Is Charming as Hell in Rebel Sneak Peek

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Nate (Kevin Zegers) might be in over his head with this one on Rebel

Despite the fact that he’s a gynecologist, Nate agreed to help out his mom, the titular Rebel (Katey Sagal), by starting a study on potentially faulty heart valves, which meant enlisting the help of actual cardiologist Misha (Abigail Spencer). The problem, from her perspective, is that they once went on three dates and then he ghosted her. While she doesn’t really like him and would never date him again, she’s willing to help and maybe even recreate the great sex they had on their last date. And it’s clearly that last part that Nate can’t get out of his mind. 

In the exclusive clip above, Misha barges into his office with news of a dead cath patient (he died before the procedure and no, she’s not sad about it). She’s ready to get started on the study, but Nate thinks she’s ready to get started on something else. Oh, Nate. 

To be a little bit fair to him (and only a little bit), Spencer has rarely played a character who wasn’t disarmingly, overwhelmingly charming. She could leave anyone tongue-tied, which might be great news for Nate and his mom’s quest against this heart valve—and that case is going to need all the help it can get. 

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