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Aaron Hicks Sits Out Game After Daunte Wright Shooting

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The tragic killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright has the world once again mourning the death of a Black man by police in Minnesota. Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks, who played with the Minnesota Twins from 2013 to 2015, was so affected he had to sit out Monday’s game.

Yankees team’s manager Aaron Boone told reporters on April 12, “With all that’s going on in Minneapolis, he’s having a tough time right now. We had a conversation in my office, and he felt like it was best to not be in the starting lineup tonight, and I certainly support that.”

He also added, “We’ll try to rally around him as best we can. Obviously, the situation is heartbreaking right now in Minneapolis. It’s hit Aaron particularly hard.”

Boone also added, “My consideration is with Aaron and with his well-being and making sure that, as best we can, we support him.” 

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On the afternoon of April 11, Daunte Wright was stopped by Brooklyn Center police, which is a neighboring town of Minneapolis. According to The Washington Post, Wright had an outstanding warrant, and police tried to arrest him. The 20-year-old allegedly reentered his vehicle and drove away, which is when police shot at the car, striking Wright. 

He drove off and crashed. Wright was pulled out of the vehicle, and CPR was performed.

The Washington Post reports Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, said her son called her when he was pulled over and she heard a scuffle. 

Wright says that she begged to have her son’s body removed from the street, which reportedly was there for hours. 

USA Today also reports Duane Wright’s mother said he was originally pulled over not for a warrant but because he had air fresheners hanging in his rearview mirror.

The officer who killed Wright is now on administrative leave. The police claim the officer meant to shoot him with a taser, not a gun.

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