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A Day in the Life: This Is What It’s Like to Direct a TV Show in the Middle of a Pandemic

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9:00 p.m. Though she abstains from a glass of red, on the advice of fellow director Richard Lewis, who swears going without helps him to feel more alert for an early call, Moore has found a pretty bomb alternative. “I always do a bubble bath,” she says. “Because by the end of the day, your feet hurt and you’re just kind of like adrenalized. So I find for me, just like a nice warm bath with one of those Lush bath bombs, it’s over. I sleep really well.”

Lord knows she needs the roughly seven hours of rest she squeezes in. “We always laugh about it, my team, because it feels a bit like a circus,” she says of her many roles on the series. “You’ve got different hats on and every couple minutes you’re like, ‘Okay, that’s a producer hat, that’s a director hat, that’s a choreographer hat, that’s a therapist hat, that’s a coaching hat, that’s a teaching hat, that’s an oh-I-need-to-be-a-human hat and actually pay my bills.'”

But operating a whole millinery is a small price to pay for such an, um, extraordinary gig. “When you’ve got dance and music involved,” Moore raves, “there’s nothing like it.” 

(E! and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist are both part of NBCUniversal).

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