4 Luxury Kitchen Design Features To Watch Out For

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There are an estimated 175 million smart homes in the world, and around 86% of millennials have stated that they would be willing to pay a larger sum for a connected home. Ubiquitous connectivity is just one of many trends shaping interior design, with sustainability, open-plan living, and biophilic design also influencing the luxury buyer’s choices for everything from kitchen appliances to materials. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or – better yet – you are building the home of your dreams, then these high-end features may be just what you need to boost the beauty, practicality, and functionality of your kitchen.
White Marble Kitchen design

Luxury Finishes

The popularity of open floor plans means that kitchens are fast becoming a key design haven of high-end homes. Lovers of luxury are turning to materials such as marble, recycled glass and cement, and concrete for countertops. Those who enjoy blending materials, meanwhile, are choosing elements such as luxury wood finishes (for cupboards, walls, and the sides of kitchen islands), textured wood flooring, and rich walnut cabinetry.
kitchen luxury finishes

Trendy Decorative Elements

Kitchens are also the perfect play to display a love of Italian design. In lieu of simple recessed lighting or pragmatic light bars hanging atop kitchen islands, for instance, sartorial homeowners are choosing pendant lighting at odd lengths, modern chandeliers, and light installations to change kitchens from pragmatic to artistic. Lighting features can come in twisted, asymmetrical designs, or even embrace a number of different metal hues and shapes.

Smart Fridges

When you’re considering fridge selection, just a few features to watch out for include reliability, size, and noise reduction. Any fridge purchased this year should boast a balance of silence and features such as auto-defrosting. Your fridge should also bear an attractive design that goes well with the rest of your interiors – steel and crystal fridges are holding particular sway among millennials, as are smart fridges, whose functions go way beyond storing food. Newer fridges contain features such as internal cameras (so you can check out your stock without opening the fridge door), cutting-edge door panels (such as LG’s smart fridge, which immediately reveals your fridge’s contents when you knock on the door twice), and autonomous platforms that allow you to control aspects such as temperature from your phone.

Handle-Free Furniture

Those with an eye for pristine, minimalistic design are not only relying on in-built furniture that seems to just blend into walls, but also furniture that is 100% handle-free. Think water faucets that turn on and off as your hands approach them, cabinets that open with a push, and cabinets that slide to one side or another at a touch. It’s all about focusing on the luxury of your material choice and creating a stunning contrast between different elements in your kitchen – including the cabinets, islands, stools, ceiling, flooring, and lighting.

Kitchens have become one of the most important spaces in the modern home, owing in no small part to the popularity of open floor plans. Today, high-end homes are therefore displaying more luxury features in kitchens – including marble islands, designer lighting, and smart fridges. Simple, pristine designs and handle-free furniture are also holding sway, with a stronger-than-ever focus on quality instead of quantity.

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