4 Great Reasons Why Renewable Energy Matters For Homeowners

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There was a time it was easier for us to ignore our impact on this planet’s environment. News footage of disastrous climate events around the world and scientific data showing the link between our non-renewable energy consumption and the changing weather has made this much harder.

Many of us have started asking what we could do differently. Some of us have even started to make changes in our homes and our daily lives to reduce our environmental impact. For those who remain unconvinced about the big difference small changes around our home can make in protecting the environment, we encourage you to read on. 

We’ll give you 4 reasons why renewable energy should matter to you.

Reason #1 Renewable energy can save you money 

High electricity bills, particularly in the summer and winter months when your HVAC system is on full blast, can be scary. Renewable energy sources such as sunlight can prove to be a cheaper, long-term alternative to your current energy setup. You can learn more about switching to renewable energy from online sources like the Solar Energy Guru, who can help you decide if solar is right for you and how you can implement your renewable energy solution.

Reason #2  Renewable energy makes you less dependent on non-renewable sources

We’ve all seen the volatility of oil and natural gas prices. When the price of these non-renewable energy sources increases, consumers pay the price…literally. When governments and homeowners invest in renewable resources, they have not held hostage to whatever price point non-renewable energy sources are at. You don’t panic like your neighbors every time the price of oil or natural gas increases.

Reason #3 Renewable energy improvements could increase the value of your home

Homes with renewable energy improvements like solar panel arrays, energy-efficient wiring, and construction can fetch a higher price for their owners when they are ready to sell. According to a study by real estate firm Zillow, having solar panels and other renewable energy improvements could increase the value of your home by 4.1 percent. This figure is likely to increase as more homebuyers begin to increase the demand for eco-friendly homes.

Renewable energy for your home

Reason #4 Renewable energy improvements could entitle you to tax credits and rebates from the government

Governments around the world are attempting to shift people to greater renewable energy use, and many are currently offering tax incentives for homeowners to outfit their homes with solar panels and energy-efficient appliances and wiring.

The specific terms of the credit and rebates will differ across territories, so it may be a good idea to check what applies in your country.

Some questions to ask are:

  • What percentage of the installation cost is being covered by the credit or rebate?
  • What are the eligibility requirements?

Being a homeowner not only provides you with a chance to put some extra money in your pocket but also to be a hero by preserving the environment. Think about our 4 tips and making the switch to renewable energy today.

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