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3 Romance Novels Written By Stacey Abrams Set For Reissue

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Stacey Abrams has run for the office of Georgia governor, registered 800,000 new voters in the Peach State via her Fair Fight organization, and became a Democratic powerhouse all within the last four years. But prior to her success in politics, Abrams wrote romance novels.

Now, the romance writer turned politician turned organizer is giving people a chance to get their hands on a copy of her past works. According to a statement obtained by NPR, the 47-year-old is reissuing her first three novels, which were originally printed about 20 years ago.

Via publisher Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House, Rules of Engagement, The Art of Desire and Power of Persuasion – a trilogy written under the pen name Selena Montgomery – will be available for purchase in 2022.

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“As my first novels, they remain incredibly special to me,” said Abrams in a statement. “The characters and their adventures are what I’d wished to read as a young Black woman — stories that showcase women of color as nuanced, determined, and exciting.”

Abrams reportedly wrote the novels while she was in her final year at Yale Law School with them all having suspense plots and starring a diverse case of characters who work for an espionage organization in the U.S. government.

Each novel promotes a different pair of Black lead characters and a storyline that pulls all three books together.

“You can definitely see Stacey Abrams, the political leader, in these books, in terms of how everyone is very eager and willing to serve their country in whatever capacity they can, but not without personal sacrifice,” Cindy Hwang, Abrams’ editor at Berkley and the imprint’s editorial director, said, according to NPR.

Additionally, Stacey Abrams is slated to publish a new novel titled While Justice Sleeps later this month. The book, which comes out May 25 via Doubleday, is a Supreme Court thriller that focuses on the story of a young clerk for an ailing Supreme Court justice who unexpectedly discovers possible wrongdoing in “the highest power corridors” of Washington. Abrams is said to have drawn upon her background in law and politics as inspiration.

You can pre-order While Justice Sleeps here.

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