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25 Bewitching Secrets About The Craft Revealed

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12. “Weird” things kept happening during production, with Fleming detailing a specific experience while the coven is calling on the corners on the beach. 

“The park ranger had said, ‘This is the highest the waves will go at high tide,’ so we moved our circle of fire inland from there,” he recalled. “But it was just this odd thing where, when the girls started the incantations, the waves kind of came up. And at one point, a wave came and wiped the whole set out.”

Wick confirmed the set’s “spooky atmosphere,” saying, “I remember at the time, everyone was kind of captivated by these occurrences.”

13. After becoming friends with Tunney while he was enrolled at NYU, Skeet Ulrich revealed to The A.V. Club that she recommended him for the role of Chris. “So they flew me out…and I went to Doug’s house and read scenes with Robin,” he explained of his casting process.

14. While he got the gig, Ulrich wasn’t exactly thrilled with his performance of the football captain-turned-Nancy’s victim. “I was horrible in it, in my opinion,” he admitted. “I was so green. I look at it now, and people talk about it, and I go, ‘Oh, god, I was so bad.”

15. The same year they appeared in The Craft, Ulrich and Campbell also co-starred in Scream

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