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10 ‘NEW’ Alleged Babys Mama Showed Up At DMX Funeral … ‘Looking For Money’!!

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Yesterday the world remembered DMX, one of the most influential and legendary rappers in history. His family and friends all gathered at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to send him home.

Well MTO News learned that there was a TON of drama behind the scenes. And there was one EXPLOSIVE piece of scandalous news from behind the scenes. According to an insider with direct knowledge – MULTIPLE new women came forward claiming to have had children with DMX.

The insider tells MTO News that “at least 10” new women came forward, claiming to have birthed secret children by DMX. The “new” women, according to the insider, would be in addition to the already 9 women who have a confirmed 15 children with DMX.  


The insider explained, “It was crazy, like 10 women – maybe more, were saying they had kids by DMX.” And the alleged new babys mothers spanned a wide range of ages and races.

The family insider told MTO News, “Some were Black, some were White, Latina. Women in their 60s, 50s, 30s, 20s. It was unbelievable.”

And MTO News asked the insider directly, what the women were looking for – at the memorial. The insider responded, “Money, what do you think.”

MTO News was not able to independently confirm whether any of the 10+ women allegedly claiming to have a previously unknown child with DMX are telling the truth.

But all the drama at the memorial service did seem to effect Swizz Beatz. Listen to his eulogy:

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