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Zamora Company joins UN sustainability drive

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Licor 43 owner Zamora Company has joined the United Nations Global Compact, which commits the producer to meeting a set of sustainability goals.

Emilio Restoy Zamora Portfolio (1)

Emilio Restoy, CEO of Zamora Company

The United Nations (UN) platform was launched in 2000. By joining the initiative, Zamora Company will agree to a set of objectives covering human rights, labour standards, anti-corruption and the environment.

The UN has a target of 2030 for fulfilling the goals set out by the programme.

Zamora Company, which produces Licor 43 liqueur and Martin Miller’s Gin, joins more than 13,000 member organisations across more than 160 countries in the programme, which is said to be the ‘largest sustainability initiative in the world’.

After joining the network, Zamora Company will focus its efforts on three pillars of action, called empowered employees, consumers and society, and committed industry.

Action programmes will be based on each pillar to target economic growth, support for sustainable communities, employee empowerment, responsible productions, and the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint.

Emilio Restoy, CEO of Zamora Company, said: “This is another step in our efforts to become a sustainable and respectful company. We are aware that we have to work with a focus on corporate sustainability and we have this very much in mind with our conscious company project.

“Now, by joining the United Nations Global Compact in Spain, we are strengthening our commitment, aligning ourselves with the 10 principles and therefore favouring the achievement of goals that affect the wellbeing of people.”

The world’s largest spirits producers have been increasing their focus on sustainability in recent months.

Earlier in April, Maker’s Mark owner Beam Suntory announced a US$1 billion investment in green and social issues as part of its long-term Proof Positive initiative.

And, to mark Earth Day on 22 April, we highlighted 10 initiatives from across the drinks industry that aim to reduce the sector’s impact on the environment.

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