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White Woman Loses Job For Racist Comment To Black Neighbor

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A white woman from Virginia was terminated from her place of employment for saying her Black neighbor wasn’t the “right color.”

According to the Progress-Index, video footage captured an argument between a local food bank worker and a Black resident, identified as Laquetta God, who is standing on her front porch on Lynchburg Avenue in Colonial Heights where the unidentified white woman uttered the slur.

“You are not the right color, honey!” the white woman yells vehemently.

Good responds by saying, “I’m a n—-?”

“Yes, you are!” the white woman is heard saying in response.

Responding in outrage to the incident and the lack of involvement by the local police, Good posted a video on Facebook. That caption read: “Let’s talk about the Colonial Heights police officer who watched the whole video and all he said was she won’t (sic) on my property.”
Good posted another video where she wrote: “Let’s rewind back to the beginning when she called the police to search my house for drugs because her words were I couldn’t afford my house, I never leave the house so I had to sell drugs because I’m black and had a Porsche.

“Yes, the POLICE SURE DID SEARCH MY HOUSE FOR DRUGS SMH. No drugs were found I work from home!! This has been going on for MONTHS,” she explained.

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home,” Good said. “She has called me many names before but to hear her being racist, that really shocked me.

Kim Hill, the head of the Chesterfield Food Bank was distraught after watching the video on the private page of the Colonial Heights issues group page on Facebook. Hill said, “goes directly against our values and beliefs.”

“In response to this situation, we have terminated this employee,” Hill wrote. “We remain committed to creating and providing a positive, uplifting, and encouraging environment for our staff, volunteers, and clients.”

Members of the original Colonial Heights Issues page noted that this was the latest incident involving the two women.

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