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Where RHOD’s Tiffany Moon and Brandi Redmond Stand Today After Season 5 Tensions

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Tiffany Moon has survived her first season as a Real Housewife. But not without some drama and awkwardness with co-star Brandi Redmond.

The Real Housewives of Dallas stars felt some tensions between them following Brandi’s racist video scandal and Brandi’s self-admitted struggle to feel comfortable around Tiffany.

Now, Tiffany is revealing where her and Brandi’s friendship stands today ahead of tonight’s RHOD season finale.

“The first time Brandi and I ever started hanging out together, I tried to talk to her about my immigrating to America and how I saw her video that she had posted way back. I told her that that was in poor taste and the reason she probably received so much backlash from it was it was hurtful to a lot of people because it reminded them of their childhood traumas dealing with racism and micro-aggressions,” Tiffany tells E! News exclusively. “And she was like, ‘Oh my god, that is not what I meant when I posted that video. I was trying to be funny but I see know that you’re talking to me and telling me about your story how that could be hurtful.’ And she was like, ‘I’m so, so sorry. Like I just want to tell everyone sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. That is not how I meant it.’ And I was like, ‘Girl, I believe you. I totally believe you.’ Let’s move on, let’s be silly, let’s have fun.”

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