What You Need To Do To Make Your Divorce Procedure Quicker And Easier

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Filing for a divorce is never an easy process for anyone, even when it’s the only option left. The kids are there to think about you just might keep second-guessing your decision. It’s hard no doubt, but there are ways to make it easier for you. Sometimes, a long divorce procedure makes the process expensive and painful.

However, with the right preparation, smart moves, and partnership with your soon-to-be-ex, the whole procedure can be quickly done and unwanted delays cut shut alongside the usual costs and negative emotions.

A quick and easy divorce might seem possible theoretically alone. Nonetheless, taking your relationship into consideration and willingness to get things done, the divorce can be finalized in a few months or several years. Divorce isn’t necessarily a long process. Here are things you can do to make the procedure easy and quick.

Plan Ahead And Decide What You Want

Like any venture, there would be no headway if you fail to properly prepare for your divorce proceedings. When it comes to slightly complex situations like divorce, the law can be equally confusing. Adding stress and confusion to an already hurtful experience as you and your ex go back and forth on settlement issues.

However, spending some time to learn about local laws guiding the process in your state, the less time you spend on getting your divorce. Everyone would know just what to do at each turn.

Make plans on issues that concern the division of property and child custody even before any official hearing or paperwork. Such matters are usually time-consuming roadblocks.

A couple intending to split should make plans together on what they want for the house. Who’s going to pay the mortgage and other bills? Would you rather sell the house and split the money? In as much as you both want a divorce as quickly as possible, these are issues that would cause a delay if not taken care of on time. Less bantering and more planning would make the whole process easy.

File For An Uncontested Divorce

After you and your ex have agreed on some of the major issues discussed above and more, you can file for an uncontested divorce. It is not available in all states; you might need an experienced divorce lawyer to guide you through the process and save time. In the states that allow an uncontested divorce, it would involve the non-filing spouse agreeing to the terms of the divorce.

The agreement can be further negotiated before filing and then submitted by the filing spouse. Depending on the state you’re filing in, you may be required to wait pending the time it’s settled. But the good thing about uncontested divorce is court appearances and associated fees may be entirely avoided.

Mediate The Divorce

This is an option for the couple if perhaps you can’t stand each other. You can get a divorce mediator to avoid the stress of regular court appearances and the trauma that comes along with it.

Getting a mediator isn’t free but compared to the cost of hiring divorce attorneys for both parties, it is worth it. You’d end up settling complex aspects of your divorce without having to pay lawyers who’d charge per hour to go head-to-head with each other.

Try Collaborative Divorce

This is similar to mediation. It would minimize the amount you’d spend. Collaborative divorce encourages divorcing parties to team up and resolve critical issues. In some jurisdictions, collaborative efforts are made compulsory before court hearings. There would still be a need for both parties to get their own attorneys, but less formal negotiating strategies would be used to reach an agreement.

Considering you both are literally trying to avoid each other, this may not look feasible, but open communication with your partner will the whole divorce drama come to an end quickly.

Capitalize On Legal Consultations

Planning and knowing what you both want is good but being prepared isn’t only through the internet. Capitalize on the free initial consultations some attorneys offer. It doesn’t have to be a physical meeting. It might be virtually. In any case, speaking with someone who has the experience and knows all the procedures will be very helpful in ensuring you have a quick and easy divorce.

divorce procedure

The divorce process doesn’t have to be a long one if you don’t want it. Long procedures don’t help anyone. The things you need to do to make it faster are listed in this article. Get started now. Make those plans; call people who’ve been through a divorce and are willing to talk about it, and speak with an attorney.

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