Watch: Eve, Brandy And Da Brat Fanning Out

Watch: Eve, Brandy And Da Brat Fanning Out

Some true queens captured a sisterhood moment on camera, which has now gone viral. 

In a video, which appears to be on the set of the upcoming hip-hop dramatic series titled Queens, Eve, Brandy and Da Brat can be seen celebrating each other. 

Da Brat, who is holding the camera, said, “Look at Brandy! Looking just like ‘I would like to get to know if I could be,'” which is Brandy’s 1994 debut single “I Wanna Be Down.”

Brandy added, “Look at Eve!” Da Brat and Brandy then begin to rap Eve’s 2001 single “Who’s That Girl?”

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According to Deadline, Queens is about four women, Naomi (Brandy), Jill (Naughton), Brianna (Eve), and Valeria (Velazquez), who reunite to try and recapture the fame they had as a ’90s hip-hop group. Da Brat’s role has yet to be announced

See the classic moment below:

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