Useful Blender Buying Tips From the Experts

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If you like to prepare shakes and smoothies regularly, a kitchen blender is probably an essential part of your kitchen. Besides these, a blender can be used for numerous additional food preparation purposes, effectively replacing other kitchen tools. It’s a kitchen tool particularly recommended for families with small children, as a good quality blender will make a healthy homemade puree for your child in a matter of minutes.

However, before buying one, you should consider a couple of factors, such as the intended use and the size of the blender you want. Here are some useful buying tips to help you get the kitchen blender that meets your needs.

Blender Types

The type of kitchen blender you opt for should depend mainly on how you intend to use the appliance. There are four main types of blenders currently available on the market:

  • Conventional jar blenders: These blenders usually come with their own plastic or glass container, making them the most attractive option. Depending on their power, a jar blender could be ideal for anything that requires low to medium-intensity blending.
  • Immersion blenders: If you want your food blended or mixed in a container of your choice, an immersion blender could be the perfect alternative. Although they can be quite powerful, they are designed to handle smaller quantities and work for a short period.
  • Multifunctional blenders: These models come with additional accessories for processing food and numerous other functions. They are an excellent investment if you are looking to replace a couple of different kitchen tools such as blenders, choppers, and food processors.
  • Personal blenders: Designed for blending a small amount of food to take on the go. Make your smoothie, take off the blender’s container from the engine, put a lid on it, and your breakfast is ready to carry with you safely anywhere you go.

Blender Function

A good quality standard jar blender with medium power intensity is usually competent enough to handle most people’s needs. You can find great options for acceptable prices for mixing, blending, or pureeing soft, wet ingredients. When processing raw or more solid food, you will need the best blender for dry ingredients capable of grinding anything from oats to nuts. A similar feature is helpful for crushing ice for your smoothies or refreshments. For this purpose, besides a powerful engine, you will also require an ice-crushing blade in your blender. If you are looking for a more versatile kitchen blender, try opting for a multifunctional appliance. Many of these can work with both wet and dry ingredients efficiently.

Added Features

Besides their basic function, some kitchen blenders can have some additional features as well. For example, a drink mixing function is a convenient feature to have if you use your blender mainly for those purposes. Similarly, a preset pulsing option is a great asset to have for blending ingredients more smoothly.

The design of the blade can vary from one blender to another, with four-blade machines being more efficient than the two-blade variants. Some of these blenders can extract all the nutrients from whole fruits and veggies, making them perfect for a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a similar juicing option, check the container material and markings. Clear measurement markings and a rounded edge on the container will make pouring your juice into a cup much easier.


While budgets typically limit our buying capability, you should always consider all your options. Comparing prices and features of similar products can save you a lot of money. The cost of a kitchen blender is usually dependent on the number of its functions rather than its power. The more features the appliance has, the higher its price will be.


After considering the purposes for your blender, browse the market carefully and opt for a product that provides you with the most functions within your budget. A good quality multifunctional blender may sound pricey, but considering the uses you can get from it, it is actually a sound investment. So are the personal blenders that can save you the money you would have spent buying your smoothies on the go.

Whether you need a kitchen blender for simple tasks or more versatile functions, there are always options available. Hopefully, after carefully considering all these blender buying tips, you will choose the perfect one for you. No matter what type you opt for, don’t forget to maintain it properly. A kitchen blender will only last you as long as it should if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for proper use and maintenance.

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