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Tray Savage Murder Suspect Has Been Charged

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Investigators believe they have identified the killer of Tray Savage, a Chicago rapper signed to Chief Keef’s record label.

The Chicago Tribune reports Demitri Jackson, 20, has been charged for the June 2020 death of 26-year-old Kentray Young, better known by his rap moniker, Tray Savage. Investigators were able to identify Jackson with video from a convenience store. On June 19, 2020, Jackson is seen on video — before and after the shooting — with a distinct limp, Cook County prosecutors stated in a court document.

Jackson was arrested on Friday (April 23), in Fort Worth, Texas. He is currently being held without bond on a count of first-degree murder. Jackson’s lawyer argued that he’s been cooperative with authorities and has only left the city of Chicago following the death of his grandmother last fall. The judge denied the request and if convicted, he faces life in prison. He’s set to appear in court on Friday (April 30).

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Prosecutors didn’t name a motive for the fatal altercation, but the two men were affiliated with the same gang. The two exchanged brief words 15 minutes before the shooting happened in the 8100 block of South Evans Avenue in Chicago.

Prosecutors say Jackson returned in an SUV, exited, and began interacting again with Young. Young was in another vehicle with his girlfriend. Jackson then returned to his car and moved it in the middle of the street to block off Young’s car. Jackson then stepped out of his vehicle and opened gunfire.

Young was hit in the shoulder and the neck. As he attempted to drive off, he crashed into a parked car. He was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Jackson took off in a white Mazda that police found the very next day burning in an alley, prosecutors reported.

In 2018, Jackson was involved in a shooting that wounded his ankle and created the distinct limp that can be seen during the video surveillance. The video from the convenience store shows Jackson getting into the Mazda before the shooting, with his face uncovered. Another video shows the fatal killing and Jackson driving off to the alley and limping in distinct articles of clothing.

Young was signed to Keef’s Glory Boyz Entertainment, co-founded with Keef’s late cousin, Fredo Montana.

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