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Today’s Savannah Guthrie Recovering From “One Last” Eye Surgery

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UPDATE: Savannah Guthrie is recovering from a minor surgery.

For viewers wondering where the Today co-anchor was on April 20, the morning show host took to Instagram and revealed what she has been up to at home. “One last teeny tiny eye surgery and I’m back in business!!!” she wrote while posing in special glasses.

Back in 2019, Savannah underwent surgery in her right eye. Keep scrolling to hear more about her history. 


Today’s Savannah Guthrie is undergoing eye surgery. Hoda Kotb and Craig Melvin shared the news on the Dec. 11 episode of the morning show.

“She’d had some laser treatment. So now she’s actually going through the surgery, and she’s going to keep us posted,” Kotb said. “So, we wish for her a very speedy recovery.”

According to Today, Guthrie is undergoing retinal detachment surgery in her right eye. The procedure comes shortly after an accidental incident involving her 2-year-old son Charley. In November, the anchor shared her little boy threw a toy train at her and that the “pointy edge” hit her in the eye. In fact, she said it tore her retina. The journalist said she even lost vision in her right eye about 24 hours later.

“It was so blurry from, not to get too gross, but there was so much blood inside the eye that it completely blocked my vision,” she explained to her co-hosts two weeks ago. “It’s like putting Vaseline on a lens. I just couldn’t see anything.”

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