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These $9 Satin Pillowcases Have 126,000+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

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Here is what reviewers are saying:

“I bathe and elegance my hair at night time and after sleeping on these, my hair appeared freshly blown dry the following morning. I am not exaggerating, hair appeared the very same in morning because it did after I styled it the night time earlier than. So, if this materials is that nurturing to my hair I can solely think about how my face is loving it. I am hooked and might be shopping for extra colours.”

“My silk pillowcase will get tough and crunchy however these at all times keep buttery comfortable and provide the identical advantages as silk. My pores and skin and hair love them. Should purchase, and do not splurge on silk when you have got these. Wonderful high quality, too. I’ve washed mine many many occasions and so they’re nonetheless in excellent situation.”

“Zero knots after I wake now. I additionally do not get these cheek and face wrinkles that final 3 hrs after I get up. My skincare routine just isn’t rubbed off or absorbed like after I was utilizing my previous cotton pillowcases.”

“These pillow circumstances are stunning! They’re effectively made, comfortable and slippery (as satin needs to be) and having fold closures as an alternative of zippers was not an issue at all- none of my pillows have come out of their circumstances. They’re simply the identical or higher high quality than the upper priced pillow circumstances.”

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