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‘RHONY’s Ramona Singer Denies Making ‘The Help’ Remarks

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In the trailer for Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Singer gets into a heated exchange with Eboni K. Williams after referring to a hospitality worker as “the help.”

But Ramona says she didn’t.

“It wasn’t ‘the help’…What I said was, ‘I cannot remember the names of my help. I can’t remember the names of the people who help me,” she told E! News. “There really was no tension. She just explained what using the word ‘the help’ means; I didn’t use the word ‘the help’ but she educated me and brought me up to speed on what she feels and I respect that.”


Ramona then continued to gush about Eboni:

“She basically fit seamlessly from the get-go, not to say she didn’t have conflict with some of us or all of us. I love the fact that she makes a mean French martini. That’s one of my new favorite drinks.”

Ramona continued, “I really bonded with her right away. We were both amazed. She’s amazed, I’m amazed, just how we kind of get each other and were in sync in so many ways. She’s an independent woman who’s self-made, she put herself through college. So we have a lot of similarities that way and in other ways, but you’ll see on the show.”

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