Review: Mountjoy Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Ing, Quileta, Yer Hiskwey

Review: Mountjoy Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Ing, Quileta, Yer Hiskwey

Mountjoy is greatest identified for its CBD-infused seltzers, however its newest endeavor is way completely different endeavor: Non-alcoholic spirits designed to imitate gin, tequila, and rye whiskey. Every bears an anagrammatic title — and 170mg of CBD per 750ml bottle (or about 10mg CBD per serving). There’s not an entire lot of details about what these are constituted of — besides that they’re “plant powered,” you understand, by hemp.

Let’s style via the lineup.

Mountjoy Ing – This gin clone has a major lemon/lime notice on the nostril, reserving its natural components — that are important — for the palate. Right here Ing presents a heavy earthy character, not instantly evident as juniper, and loads of hemp-driven terpenes, which appear to sub in for gin’s herbaceous qualities. Comparatively innocent, it’s not a foul addition when added to a stronger mixer — suppose ginger beer and the like — nevertheless it gained’t hold a martini afloat. B

Mountjoy Quileta – Blanco tequila will get the NA therapy in a spirit that provides a curious nostril that does, vaguely, evoke an actual tequila — a sharper lemon notice than in Ing, with a peppery, spicy undercurrent. Once more the palate takes a large detour, even earthier than Ing, with robust notes of black pepper and punchy terpenes. It positively doesn’t evoke tequila on the tongue, however as with Ing it disappears right into a mixer pretty simply. B-

Mountjoy Yer Hiskwey – Rye whiskey, in case you aren’t following the theme right here. Attention-grabbing berry notes on the nostril right here, alongside some cinnamon spice components. Once more, I wouldn’t peg this as whiskey primarily based on the nostril — or the palate, which begins off with a cocoa powder notice and components of cloves earlier than delving into earthy terpene components as anticipated. The end is sweeter than the opposite two “white spirits” within the portfolio, however you’ll be overlaying all of this up with a mixer anyway. Essentially the most weird of the trilogy. C+

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