Review: Montelobos Mezcal Joven – Tobala

Review: Montelobos Mezcal Joven – Tobala

Montelobos just lately expanded its mezcal lineup with a second expression, this one made in Puebla from tobala agave. It’s additionally increased in alcohol than the sooner espadin-based expression — and fairly a bit totally different throughout.

The nostril right here is pungent, however not in the way in which you assume. It’s really simply mildly smoky an vegetal, the aromatics as an alternative working to industrial notes that remind me of furnishings polish and paint thinner. There’s a layer of lemon oil beneath that surprisingly exacerbates this, providing an acidic component that feels overly sharp.

I guessed the palate would diverge, and it does, to an extent: Boldly earthy and vegetal, the physique echoes the Montelobos home fashion to a point, the funky veggie notes finally giving technique to a reprise of solvent parts. I’m definitely no child relating to spirits; this isn’t a case of a mezcal that’s too boozy, slightly it’s lacking some wanted fruitiness and nuance to deliver it into clearer focus. Frankly it isn’t even all that smoky, falling again as an alternative on a ruddy earthiness that dulls the end, and the general expertise.

It’s a unusual and fascinating spirit — however at over $100 a bottle, you’ll discover extra objectively pleasurable mezcals available on the market (together with Montelobos’s espadin expression).

93.6 proof.


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Montelobos Mezcal Joven – Tobala




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