Ranking the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes from Worst to Best

Ranking the Friends Thanksgiving Episodes from Worst to Best

From Joey’s meat sweats to a hilarious visitor look by Brad Pitt, this one has all of it. However we’re getting forward of ourselves. “The One With the Rumor” begins off with Monica declaring that she is not going to prepare dinner a turkey since half the gang would not need it. Joey, sad about this, adjustments Monica’s thoughts by promising to complete the complete chook himself.

In the meantime, Monica, Ross and Rachel’s highschool peer Will (Pitt) joins them. Nevertheless, Will is upset to study that Rachel is in attendance, as she wasn’t very good to him in highschool. Throughout the meal, Will reveals that he and Ross had been within the “I Hate Rachel” membership and began a rumor that she was an intersexual. (Word: This a part of the plot didn’t age properly.) Earlier than Rachel can get absolutely outraged, Monica reminds her pal that she began a rumor about Ross and the 50-year-old librarian—which wasn’t a rumor, per Ross’ confession.

Problematic jokes apart, the dynamic between then-married Pitt and Aniston was very humorous.

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