Metallica releases ‘sound-enhanced’ whiskey pack

Metallica releases ‘sound-enhanced’ whiskey pack

Members of heavy metallic rock band Metallica have launched a sonically-enhanced, restricted version whiskey pack.

In 2018, members of Metallica partnered with Whistlepig grasp distiller Dave Pickerell to launch a whiskey, which had received musical treatment.

Barrels of the whiskey, Blackened, are fed with sound waves to reinforce and end the spirit.

Distiller Rob Dietrich defined the vibrations result in extra interplay between the spirit and the wooden, thereby including deeper flavours and hues.

The partnership’s newest batch of Blackened whiskey, Batch 114, was pounded with low-hertz frequencies from the band’s 1991 The Black Album.

Dietrich stated: “The Black Album was one of many first albums that I really took up as a private anthem.

“It carried me and my buddies by means of some intense occasions throughout our navy deployments within the early ’90s and past.”

The whiskey is a mixture of straight Bourbons and ryes, aged for at least eight years in black brandy casks.

The spirit’s ending course of is claimed to reinforce ‘the molecular interplay of the whiskey’.

Dietrich added: “Similar to the file, The Black Album Whiskey Pack’s Batch 114 has been masterfully crafted, and is heavy-hitting and well-balanced.”

“Now it’s time to sip slightly whiskey, throw this file on the turntable, and crank it till the home windows blow out.”

The expression is claimed to present notes of ‘buttery caramel’ and oak on first sip, adopted by an earthy chipotle, walnut and maple end.

The inspiration for the musical manufacturing course of was drawn from late master distiller Dave Pickerell’s expertise of working in a lab, the place one of many world’s largest church organs would reverberate by means of the partitions. Pickerell then used these vibrations to control the style of whiskey.

“The entire constructing would tremble, it could actually shake your guts,” he stated.

The Black Album whiskey pack is obtainable for US$50, and features a 750ml bottle of Batch 114, a collectible whiskey coin and a Snakebyte Cocktail Booklet, named after Metallica member James Hetfield’s signature Snakebyte guitar.

The restricted version pack could be bought from

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