Luxury Collision: 6 Critical Steps To Take After Crashing Your High-End Car

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Your adrenaline is pumping, there’s a slight ache in your neck, and your mind suddenly flashes to the safety of your best friend in the car alongside you. You realize you’re involved in an auto collision, in your brand-new luxury car

So which is safer? A luxury car or a regular car? On the one hand, luxury cars come equipped with safety features and technology. Older model cars don’t have those luxuries. There’s the need for speed, and with all the bells and whistles that come with luxury cars, it can potentially cause distracted driving. With that said, the safety between a luxury car and a standard/older car really depends on the driver. 

Any car accident, big or small, can be traumatizing and expensive, not to mention potentially injurious or even fatal. According to data from the Illinois Department of Transportation, there are hundreds of car crashes per day in the city of Chicago, and it’s not just big cities that are seeing an increase in auto accidents. Data from the National Safety Council (NSC) suggests that motor vehicle deaths were up 8%, along with reports of over 4 million injured in 2020. 

When you are in the middle of a crash involving your luxury vehicle, it makes an already stressful experience seem unbearable. Not only are you concerned about safety, but you’re also concerned about paying for expensive damage and locating hard-to-find custom parts for your prized luxury car. You take pride and care to protect your luxury car, and an accident like this is a stressful hit to your prized investment.

Let’s discuss steps you can take in the wake of an accident involving your luxury vehicle, and how contacting a lawyer to seek compensation for damage and injuries may ease your mind. 

1. Ensure Everyone Involved Is Safe + Unharmed

While your adrenaline is likely pumping at the moment after impact, it’s imperative to stay calm. Your first step after any car accident is to get to safety as soon as possible. If your car is driveable, pull over to the side of the road. Always prioritize the safety of the passengers in both vehicles before you assess the damage to your luxury car. 

2. Call Emergency Services + File A Police Report

If anyone is hurt, call emergency medical services. If you aren’t sure, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. An emergency team can help clear debris from the roadway and assist anyone who needs medical attention. 

Filing a police report is usually a good next step, especially in a situation involving a luxury or custom vehicle. A police report can help sort out exactly what happened at the accident and create official documentation you may need later down the line.

3. Document The Crash + Contact Your Insurance Company

Next, contact your insurance company and file a report documenting what happened. Assess the damage after the accident, be sure to take photos and videos from multiple angles on your phone for reference, and collect witness statements and information from those near the accident if you can. 

Since damage to your luxury vehicle will likely be expensive, you will need as much documentation as possible, especially if you aren’t at fault.

car accident and the law

4. Contact A Lawyer

After you have collected evidence, you may want to consider contacting a lawyer. If you have been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. 

The other party’s insurance company is prepared to hold you up in court for as long as possible to get you to drop charges. When you’re fighting on your own, it’s almost impossible to outlast the insurance companies and get what you deserve after a car accident. A legal team can fight for you and win compensation for your injuries, subsequent therapies, or medical attention, and cover some damage done to your rare or luxury vehicle. 

5. Be Prepared To Account For The Damages

In the event that you are responsible for the accident and have to pay for repairs on your luxury vehicle, be prepared to pay a steep price. Your insurance company may offer you an initial payout, but it is unlikely to cover the total cost of damage to your vehicle. 

It’s best to get multiple opinions on the damage done to your vehicle. Shop around and get quotes from multiple sources, as some may see your luxury vehicle and try to overcharge for repairs. 

6. Prioritize Your Recovery

While damage to your luxury car is stressful, be sure to prioritize your recovery if injured. Nothing is more important than your physical and mental health. If you’ve seen a doctor after your accident, be sure you are following their treatment plan and taking care of yourself. If you aren’t visibly injured after your accident, you still may want to consider chiropractic treatment, mental health care, or physical therapy.


A car crash is a harrowing experience that no one wants to go through, but statistically…most of us will. A luxury car crash is extremely stressful, as you’re grappling with a hit to a prized investment as well as potential injuries from the accident. After you crash your high-end vehicle, be sure to keep calm, prioritize your recovery, and contact a lawyer immediately.

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