Luxardo Amaretto gets new design and lower ABV

Luxardo Amaretto gets new design and lower ABV

12th April, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Italian producer Luxardo has reduced the ABV of its amaretto bottling as part of a redesign to celebrate the company’s 200th anniversary.

Luxardo Amaretto redesign

Luxardo Amaretto now carries an ABV of 24%

The family-owned company has updated Luxardo Amaretto with a new label that gives a ‘retro modernist appeal’, while the ABV has been reduced from 28% to 24%.

Luxardo Amaretto offers an aroma of ‘fragrant toasty almond and Bakewell tart’.

It is recommended served neat, over ice with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or mixed to make an Amaretto Sour cocktail. The drink can also be consumed in coffee or in vanilla desserts.

The new design will launch in the UK from spring 2021 through distributor Cellar Trends. It will be priced at RRP £20 (US$28) per 700ml bottle.

To celebrate the company’s anniversary this year, Luxardo global brand ambassador Gareth Franklin will unveil a new amaretto serve.

He said: “Amaretto is very versatile for long drinks with a popular mixer, and it also combines well with spirits such as whisky and rum, and we have seen many innovative serves by bartenders.

“Classics, such as an Amaretto Sour, are a staple on cocktail lists. The depth of natural almond flavour should always shine through but never be too much in the foreground.

“Luxardo Amaretto has the balance to completely harmonise with other ingredients, and its taste profile is delicately lifted by fresh citrus.”

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